{GIVEAWAY ALERT} Yay!! Crumbs is 2 years old!!

My first blogpost and its one which will delight everyone. Am new in blogging, thus do forgive me if it ain’t looking on the profi side. Given some time, I’ll certainly learn up the way how things should work. ;)

In a blink of an eye, Crumbs Macaron (from Malaysia) which started as a hobby is now 2 years old. In celebration of Crumbs’s second birthday plus reaching more than 10,000 Likes in our FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/crumbs.macaron, Crumbs would like to reward all supporters by running our very first “Giveaway”. And Yes, its open to everyone worldwide!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Managed to pull together 4 autographed copies of Mad About Macarons! sponsored by Jill Colonna, 20 Amigurumi hand-crochet macarons sponsored by Samm’s Amigurumi Cafe and also 8 imported macaron flash drives (sponsored by Crumbs) which are a “must have” for every macaron fan out there. Was supposed to have another set of handcrafted macaron magnets by Littlest Sweet Shop from the UK but unfortunately after waiting for more than 6 weeks, the package did not arrive my doorstep. –sniff-sniff– That’s one of the main reasons why the Giveaway has been delayed.

We are looking out for 4 lucky fans to share the above prizes. Ain’t it awesome??!!

Alrighty, lets start the fun part i.e. participating in Crumbs very first Giveaway. WooHoo!!!
Its really really very simple to participate in this Giveaway. All you have to do is to follow the instructions below.
Giveaway runs from 31 May 2013 (10AM +8.00 GMT) till 15 June 2013 (12AM +8.00 GMT). You will be notified via email if you’re one of the 4 lucky winners within 48 hours upon the end of the Giveaway. Hence don’t forget to register a valid email address. Have Fun!!

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208 thoughts on “{GIVEAWAY ALERT} Yay!! Crumbs is 2 years old!!

  1. Loh Siew Ming on

    Happy 2 year anniversary
    I know crumbs because of luxbite
    love the macaroon that both of you crossover

  2. happy anniversary!
    been following your facebook fan page since..erm..uhmm… a year ago? or maybe a lil bit longer than that perhaps? ;)
    how i stumbled upon crumbs? well, been blogwalking here and there and stalking few macarons fb page and finally, step onto ur page and been a fan since then! :-)

    god bless! and love ur macarons artwork!

  3. Mai Nguyen on

    Happy 2 years anniversary!!

    I stumbled across your Facebook page a year or so and instantly fell in love!! I’ve never seen such creativity and cuteness in a macaron ever. I only wish you could be in Australia!! Keep up the amazing work!!!

  4. Charlene Yeong on

    I knew about crumbs from my sister who showed me your Facebook pictures. I am an avid macaron fan and was in awe with the exquisitely designed Macarons. I ended up hinting to my boyfriend that I wanted the Hello Kitty Macarons for my birthday! :) Least to say i was a very happy girl that day!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I handcraft Macaron Cookie Soaps and found Crumbs on FB when I was looking for some yummy inspiration! Love your creations!

  6. thanks for this great giveaway! i love your work and follow all of your amazing macaron creations!

  7. Charlie on

    I’m new here, via mad about macarons and can’t wait to see all you have in macarons.
    I’m subscribing to your blog.

    Would love to win the giveaway!

    Have a Joyful Day :~D

  8. Charlie on

    How do I subscribe to your post?

    I am not on facebook.


  9. Corinne on

    Macarons have become a wonderful tradition in my family thanks to websites and books like yours. Keep up the great work!!! And know that you bring a little bit of French Flare to us all!!!

  10. Alexzandria Evans on

    I found about you when I was looking for Alice in Wonderland inspired desserts for my party. I fell in LOVE with your work, how amazingly intricate your work was. They looked too beautiful to eat!! And then I looked at other past pieces and knew that you were someone in a league of their own. Truly amazing!! I am a forever fan, and a soon-to-be customer!! Thank you for sharing your gift!

  11. Katrina Evans on

    I found you when looking for some ideas about different shaper macarons and have been following ever since. You inspire me to try different things. Thank you and happy anniversary

  12. Nadia Chau on

    I found your macarons via a friends and I instantly fell in love with the adorableness of them. So perfect!! Such an inspiration to start baking.

  13. Alison Kui on

    I was introduced to Crumbs by Luxbite & was totally amazed on how detailed you can get your macarons to be. Congrats & Happy 2nd Birthday to Crumbs & hope for more & more beautiful & creative macarons from you, Aleena!!

  14. Sylvia Sia on

    Hi Crumbs,

    Happy Anniversary! Well, I got to know you thru my ex-schoolmate, Hui-Wearn. The macarons you made are very special and beautiful that I believe you have amazed and make it special for many kids & adults too on every occasions! Well done! :)

  15. claudine fraser on

    Love making macarons although I’m not great at it yet! Need lots more practice! :P

  16. Sumin on

    yay, happy 2 years!!

    I love how you turned macarons into a different and intricate art form, I’d probably end up trying to save it until the very last minute to be eaten -well.. maybe, they look so delicious as well!

  17. Trissy Liew on

    Happy 2nd Anniversary! And many more to come! So happy I found out about your page from a friend who is crazy about cute looking macarons! I have not seen macarons made to perfection like yours before, I really hope I get to try it one day when I am in KL. :) Anyway, hope I get something from this giveaway. I would love to have a piece of Crumbs macarons! ^^ But if I don’t, it’s ok – just continue making and posting photos of your macarons as they brighten up my day. Cheers!

  18. Mei Zhen on

    Get to know CRUMBS from friends. Always wanted to have a closer look & wanna have a bite on the cute little crumbs. Happy 2nd Year Anniversary!

  19. Evangeline Celery on

    Happy Anniversary! Love your giveaway ideas!

  20. Venica on

    Came across your page via Mad about Macarons. Happy anniversary Crumbs!

  21. Yokie on

    Knew about Crumbs via FB and have liked your page since more than a year ago. You made a choc cake and your first Miffy macarons for my daughter’s bday! Happy 2nd Anniversary!

  22. AaronQ on

    Happy 2nd Anniversary to Crumbssss.. A job well done Aleena.. Wishing you the very best ^^


    A friend’s link lead me to this. Just had to check it out. BTW, happy 2nd anniversary!

  24. Joelyn on

    Happy Anniversary! You are 2! Yay! Thank you for the awesome giveaway that you are hosting.

  25. Patricia Peake on

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you have many more years of success!

  26. Grace Cutrupi Scodella on

    I’ve been following you for a long time now :)

  27. Fong Hong Mei on

    heavenly awesome and charming macarons!

  28. Kelly McGarry on

    Happy 2 years – love your work!! Can wait to see your future creations :)

  29. april de leon on

    Happy Anniversary!!! May your business continue to grow and your love for creating food art continue to expand, You have inspired a lot of bakers, moms, cookiers and people who love to make beautiful things. Thank you so much.

  30. Julie Charman-McNamara on

    Happy 2nd Birthday Crumbs!!!!!!
    I feel in love with you creations the very girst time I saw your awesome elmo macarons and have loved everything else I’ve seen. Keep up the fantastic job :)

  31. Jessica Nicolaides on

    Congrats on the2 years!! Love your creations!! :)

  32. Yenloo on

    Congratulations~~ Happy 2nd anniversary!!!! :D I came across Crumbs through my girl friend’s posts. I am a super fans and lovers of desserts especially macaroons! And all your macaroons are lovely! Wishing more years to come for Crumbs <3

  33. Jenniffer Tan on

    Happy 2nd Anniversary!!! Found you via FB.. Love your cute & creative ‘artwork’, and thanks for the macaron & cupcake for my girl’s birthday :)

  34. y y chan on

    Happy Birthday…The macaroons are sooo cute !!!

  35. y y chan on

    Happy Birthday…The macaroons are sooo cute !!! I want these…

  36. Yasmin on

    congrats aleena! your creations are shared by many bakers and macaron lovers out there. you inspire many of us! keep up your goodwork and may God bless you! ~ your ardent admirer

  37. Silvia Carvalho on

    I found your blog through a page of a cookie decorator. That person was your fan and I saw a post she shared on facebook.
    The first time I saw your macaroons, I could not believe it! At first I thought they were just puppets, but then when I started reading, I realized that they were macaroons. I was astonished. How is it possible to make something so beautiful!! Congratulations on your second anniversary. Bring on many more!

  38. Marlene Zahari on

    Happy anniversary. I stumbled upon your fb page a few months ago. Your work is mind bogglingly amazing. Everytime aomething new pops up, my jaw drops just thinking about the work that went into each little macaroon and how anyone could even eat such masterpieces. It’s blasphemy!

  39. Bar Peled on

    Happy 2 years Anniversary!!!
    I came across your beautiful art work macron through posts by “oogio.net” and fell in love with your work. I think what you do is absolutely amazing :)

  40. Mel Hassan on

    Happy 2nd Birthday!! I just love your macs designs! You are just so talented and amazingly creative. Here’s to many more birthdays to Crumbs By Aleena!