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About Crumbs
Home-made baked to order sweet treats : Macarons, Designer Macarons, all using the finest quality ingredients available to ensure they taste just as good as they look.

Aleena was a former CRM expert at BMW who left a highly sought after position to pursue her love of baking, trading & caring for her 3 little girls. She is the founder & owner of Crumbs. In 2009 she took up courses in mastering the art of cake decorating and thereafter she started baking & decorating novelty cakes for her own children (only for personal consumption). In 2010, she heard from friends that “macarons” is one of the most difficult little morsels to bake. She attempted baking macarons after watching a demo and some online YouTube videos, and on first try it was a success! And that was the start of her Macaron Madness! As of to date, she has baked more than 40,000 macarons for macaron lovers.

General Information
Disclaimer: All Crumbs photos are actual & original photos of Crumbs sweet treats. Additionally, Crumbs comments/descriptions, creative concepts & campaigns, pictures, promotions may NOT be fully/partially copied/modifed for commercial or private use and furnished to others, provided that prior permission from Crumbs is given. Credit must be given to Crumbs if permission is granted.